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The British Parliament accuses Facebook of doing business with the data of its users

The United Kingdom blames Facebook for doing business with the data of its users. In a report published a few hours ago, British lawmakers directly accuse the social network of intentionally violating privacy laws and anti-competitive practices in Britain, so they have demanded more supervision of social networking companies. The United Kingdom's parliamentary investigation focused […]

Europe asks Facebook and Google to fight against the 'fake news' in the elections

The European Commission has published the first monthly data about how advertising companies and current technology giants are helping to combat what is commonly known as 'fake news', that is, false news that misinforms, feeds lies and half-truths, usually with partisan intentions. Facebook, Twitter and Google, for example, already signed last year a voluntary code […]

Facebook blocks tools that collect information from political announcements

Elections are approaching in Europe and tempers are heated with respect to fake news or false news. Now activists have denounced that Facebook has blocked access to information about the origin of the ads politicians that appear in this social network. The tools created to monitor the publication of this type of ads are WhoTargetsMe […]

Facebook could have encouraged children to spend money on games

'Friendly fraud'. This is how some employees of Internet giant Facebook could have qualified, internally, to the fact that minors were spending real money on games without them or their parents knowing what was happening. Reveal claims to have had access to a report of almost 150 pages full of company memos, emails sent among […]

Facebook will allow to create petitions for social causes

  Creating a campaign or an initiative to raise awareness about a social cause is much easier now that we have internet and social networks. In a few minutes you can reach thousands and thousands of people. Now Facebook wants to abound in this feature, which already offers through different functions, such as the possibility […]

WhatsApp limita el reenvío de mensajes

Se venía rumoreando desde hace algún tiempo y hoy se ha hecho oficial: WhatsApp limita, por fin, el reenvío de mensajes para luchar contra la difusión de Fake News o noticias falsas. Tras la controversia de Facebook y WhatsApp con Cambdrige Analytica en relación a la obtención de datos de los usuarios y a la […]