Filtering the data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users

It seems that we came out of a nightmare and got into another. Just a year ago, we learned of a fact that has marked a before and after in the management of the privacy of Facebook (and other companies and internet services). We refer, you guessed it, to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which leaked […]

Official prices in Spain of LG TVs and sound bars

We knew that LG's new TVs and sound bars for 2019 would not be long in coming. And today we have already known the devices that will arrive in Spain this year. Further, we already know the price of which will depart virtually all models that LG will have for sale this year. As usual […]

How to activate the dark mode of Facebook Messenger

There are already many Internet services that have the so-called 'dark mode', a layer that covers the screen black, but leaves the main functions and features on the air, so that the user can continue interacting normally, but in a way more comfortable for your sight. Facebook announced this new functionality and the truth is […]

This is how censorship centers work on Facebook

'The mechanical orange' was a Stanley Kubrick film famous for being banned in many countries, due to its violent images and an ambiguous message that many could misinterpret. In it, a young ultraviolent is captured by the authorities and exposed to a test to inhibit, in his personality, free will, that is, apply a method […]

These apps send private information to Facebook

It is becoming easier to discover scandals that put the privacy of users at stake. The most recent one involves Facebook and popular apps from both Android and iOS. These applications would be sharing private data without the user's consent. The data sent vary according to the application, but they range from flight search records […]

The British Parliament accuses Facebook of doing business with the data of its users

The United Kingdom blames Facebook for doing business with the data of its users. In a report published a few hours ago, British lawmakers directly accuse the social network of intentionally violating privacy laws and anti-competitive practices in Britain, so they have demanded more supervision of social networking companies. The United Kingdom's parliamentary investigation focused […]

Europe asks Facebook and Google to fight against the 'fake news' in the elections

The European Commission has published the first monthly data about how advertising companies and current technology giants are helping to combat what is commonly known as 'fake news', that is, false news that misinforms, feeds lies and half-truths, usually with partisan intentions. Facebook, Twitter and Google, for example, already signed last year a voluntary code […]