Facebook will present its Libra cryptocurrency next week

It will be called Libra and it will be the new cryptocurrency of Facebook. How do you read it? The social network of Mark Zuckerberg has proposed many things in recent years, but undoubtedly one of the most risky has been the creation of its own cryptocurrency. Actually this adventure takes more than a year […]

▷ 5 ways to log in to Facebook safely

Facebook's security and privacy have been compromised in recent months, both in the official application and in the web version of the social network. This it does not mean that Mark Zuckerberg's page is unsafe in comparison with other social networks. Unfortunately, when the threat is inside the computer or a page outside of this, […]

This is what you will not be able to do in Facebook live shows

The direct ones of Facebook little by little have gained fame. Although it has been difficult to achieve the fame of the Instagram live shows, and still remains, more and more users are encouraged to use this tool to broadcast live content. However, one of the main concerns of Facebook, as for the rest of […]

This fake PayPal ad on Facebook promises 20 euros for free

There is a maxim that every user should be burned in memory that says: 'If it is too good to be true, it is not.' Secure jobs at Mercadona, free flights on Ryanair, a free Lancôme makeup chest … All those messages that we see in networks and messaging applications, too juicy to let them […]

The EU ratifies the copyright directive that affects Google and Facebook

Today Monday, April 15 the Council of the European Union has ratified the new Copyright Directive which was approved at the end of last month at the seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. A very important text that aims to protect artists, authors, news editors and journalists from all over Europe. The updating of […]

Facebook keeps tracking your account even if you delete it

If you were one of those who believed that disabling or deleting your account or Facebook page would stop the company, we have bad news for you. Today we receive new information not flattering about the use that the social network makes with the data of its users. Apparently, even if you delete your user […]

Filtering the data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users

It seems that we came out of a nightmare and got into another. Just a year ago, we learned of a fact that has marked a before and after in the management of the privacy of Facebook (and other companies and internet services). We refer, you guessed it, to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which leaked […]

Official prices in Spain of LG TVs and sound bars

We knew that LG's new TVs and sound bars for 2019 would not be long in coming. And today we have already known the devices that will arrive in Spain this year. Further, we already know the price of which will depart virtually all models that LG will have for sale this year. As usual […]