Facebook Ayuda de la Comunidad, da o recibe ayuda en emergencias

facebook ayuda

The social network directed by Matt Zuckerberg today presented a new security feature that completes and improves the current Safety Check (in Spanish Safety State Check), designed so that users can warn of their situation in the face of catastrophes or emergencies. The new function is called Community Help, and it seeks to create a network of people within Facebook who can both help and ask for help in these special situations.

Community Help expands the possibilities of Safety Check and offers a menu where the Facebook user can, apart from informing friends and family that he is well, contact emergency services or locate his specific location on a map, facilitating his rescue if required. Using the “Help” button, other users can offer help by selecting from a series of categories, such as transportation, food, baby products, pet products, water or clothing. Users affected by you can contact all those users who offer to help using the button “Find help”, selecting among the various categories already mentioned.

Community Help aims to become an exclusive network so that affected users and those who want to participate actively in the help can be contacted, all in a fast and intuitive way, which is what this type of situations demand.

facebook community help

In what cases will Community Aid work?

The tool is linked to Safety Check, so it will be activated in the same cases as this: floods, fires, earthquakes or large-scale accidents and the like. Facebook will first consult that the incident is real, through communication agencies that confirm it, and then begin to monitor publications in the area. Users who are in the affected area and those who publish content related to the incident in question, will be activated the tool so they can mark that they are safe and, from now on, can also contact other users to create chains help or facilitate its location.


The function will be enabled first in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and Saudi Arabia for a few weeks, and only for natural disasters such as earthquakes or fires. During this time, tests will be carried out to verify their effectiveness, and errors that may be found initially will be corrected. When Community Help has passed that test, then it will expand its coverage to the rest of the world, as well as to the rest of the emergency types.

While this process lasts, users in areas such as Europe or Latin America may continue to use the Security Status Checking function as before. We applaud initiatives like this, which allow us to use the enormous influence of massive networks like Facebook to facilitate the management of situations that usually tend to be chaotic. Thumb up for them.

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