The British Parliament accuses Facebook of doing business with the data of its users

The British Parliament accuses Facebook of doing business with the data of its users

The United Kingdom blames Facebook for doing business with the data of its users. In a report published a few hours ago, British lawmakers directly accuse the social network of intentionally violating privacy laws and anti-competitive practices in Britain, so they have demanded more supervision of social networking companies. The United Kingdom's parliamentary investigation focused on the use of personal data by Facebook to promote its commercial interests. For example, providing access to developers and advertisers of user data in order to increase their revenue.

Likewise, he also examined with magnificence Cambridge Analytica, a data collection company based in London, which in 2014 paid a developer with access to the Facebook developer platform to extract information on millions of users of the social network. The goal: create voter profiles in order to try to influence elections of the United States in 2016. Specifically, private information of up to 87 million users was accessed.

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The report says that it is clear that Facebook deliberately and knowingly violated, not only data privacy laws, but also anti-competitive practices. On the other hand, the CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, is accused, to show disrespect to the British Parliament after rejecting several invitations to appear before the commission. The social network has not answered a request for answers sent by email.

Another interesting piece of information in the report is the Commission's revelation of the names of three "top managers" of Facebook who knew of the violation of the Cambridge Analytica data before the first press report of December 2015, which is the date on that Facebook told the committee that it was when he first learned about this event. Yes, the committee's report has not wanted to expose these names. In fact, they have been asked to remain confidential. The commission describes this as an example of "a deep failure" of internal governance, also calling it "fundamental weakness" in the way in which the social network manages its responsibilities with its users.

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