Facebook keeps tracking your account even if you delete it

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Facebook keeps tracking your account even if you delete it

If you were one of those who believed that disabling or deleting your account or Facebook page would stop the company, we have bad news for you. Today we receive new information not flattering about the use that the social network makes with the data of its users.

Apparently, even if you delete your user account, Facebook continues to collect information related to your activity on the network. All these data are stored by the company and will remain linked to your account, even if it is no longer active. It's as if nothing has really changed.

Bad practice

Faced with this commotion, the company hides behind the fact that the option to deactivate a user account is to prevent others from seeing your online presence. Apparently, this configuration was never an option to safeguard the privacy of your data.

Facebook will be able to continue tracking the users that have been discharged thanks to the "Share on Facebook" button, present in about 275 million websites around the world. All with the intention of sharing your browsing data and your search interests in the network with your client portfolio.

But the thing does not end here. The worst thing is that this practice It does not appear in your Data policy Although they point out that, by deleting your account, you will no longer be visible to other users, they do not say anything about the storage and tracking of your data.

Controversial history

Facebook does not have a great record when it comes to treatment and management of the data of its users. Today precisely, the same social network has had to update its terms and conditions of use and explain how they use this data to show targeted advertising. Something that has been seen with good eyes by the European Commission.

However, we all remember the scandal that shook the company recently when its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg had to give explanations for sharing the data of its users with more than 150 companies. Among others, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, or Spotify enjoyed different agreements with Facebook for the use of this information to offer different services.

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