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Meme con cara de troll

Memes cause a sensation. These images with message keep equal fun and a good dose of bad milk . For a long time they have become a resource that is very present in our WhatsApp groups (that someone is already banning the black Mr WhatsApp), on Facebook or on Twitter . If you want to stop forwarding these images and become one of the thousands of users that are behind its creation, there are several free webs for the browser that allow us to create our own memes in a few steps. We have gathered four of the best in this article.



Personally, it is one of my favorites when it comes to creating a meme. The editing tool is very complete and allows you to play very well with the position and type of text , with the images and with the position of the elements. From MemeCenter we can use our own images from the computer or use one of the available bases. The collection is extensive and is organized through different categories. So, for example, we have lists of the most used memes , with faces that have a different reaction, home memes or body parts.

Afterwards, we have all kinds of editing options such as trimming, entering text, speech bubbles, lines or geometric shapes.

Without a doubt, if you want to make more complex memes this is one of the best options. On the negative side we must highlight the fact that the platform is in English and that it is somewhat complicated to get the handling in a first contact.

More info: MemeCenter



And now we go to the opposite side. In many occasions, what interests us is to create a quick meme without major complications from a predefined image or a photo that we have on the PC. Memegenerator is a good option in these cases. We can choose from a list of predefined images and enter a text that will automatically be attached to the image. Of course, the result will always have the same square format of 400 x 400 pixels , so we will have to cut our own files.

More info: Memegenerator



Another simple option for a quick meme. Generadormemes works very similar to the previous site. One of the options that we liked is to see the number of memes created according to the base chosen . As expected, one of the «VIP» memes is that of our Julio Iglesias, a man who knows everything.

More info: Generadormemes


Una opción intermedia, ni tan sencillo como los dos anteriores ni tan complejo como MemeCenter. Con tenemos una colección limitada de bases para crear memes y también podemos subir nuestras fotos o usar enlace de la imagen en la web. A la hora de introducir el texto, podemos cambiar el tipo de letra y jugar con la imagen introduciendo zoom o rotación. Una buena alternativa para el que busque crear memes un punto más complejos.

Más info: Quebolu


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