Facebook blocks tools that collect information from political announcements

Facebook blocks tools that collect information from political announcements

Elections are approaching in Europe and tempers are heated with respect to fake news or false news. Now activists have denounced that Facebook has blocked access to information about the origin of the ads politicians that appear in this social network.

The tools created to monitor the publication of this type of ads are WhoTargetsMe and ProPublica. This transparency exercise is carried out from the United Kingdom and the United States. However, in the last hours Facebook has implemented a series of changes through the plugins (or what is the same, browser extensions) third-party. What has prevented access to this data.

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<h2>The software has stopped working</h2>
<p><strong>Facebook has put problems in this regard.</strong> These browser extensions were the ones that allowed these activist groups to gather information about the political ads that appear on Facebook. With these initiatives they wanted to discover, with the permission of the users, who and how this type of campaign is carried out and why they are directed to certain users.</p>
<p>The cofounder of the group that owns WhoTargetsMe software, Sam Jeffers, has explained to The Guardian that <strong>the tool stopped working just a few weeks ago</strong>. And unfortunately, they are having serious problems so that everything returns to normality.</p>
<p>According to Facebook, the change occurred because the<strong> third-party plugins limited unauthorized access to social network information</strong>. It seems that this is a measure they take to protect and keep people's information under lock and key.</p>
<p>They say that a routine update has been carried out, <strong>applied over the plugins to block and remove ads,</strong> that can expose and endanger users.</p>
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