Filtering the data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users

Filtering the data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users

It seems that we came out of a nightmare and got into another. Just a year ago, we learned of a fact that has marked a before and after in the management of the privacy of Facebook (and other companies and internet services). We refer, you guessed it, to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which leaked the data of more than 87 million users.

Well, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg's social network has just got into the puddle again. Facebook has been again involved in a scandal related to the privacy of users. The UpGuard research team has just discovered that there is more than 540 million records that reveal interactions with Facebook exposed to third parties. They would be users who use Amazon's cloud services.


Facebook returns to mismanage the data of users

The data that Bloomberg has released, the 540 million data belonging to the user register on Facebook come from Amazon's cloud services servers, used mostly by a Mexican media company called Cultura Colectiva. The data was stored openly, so access to all this information is free and public.

It is known, on the other hand, that some user data of the At the Pool application would have been exposed. It seems that in this case, the filtering would affect nothing more and nothing less than 22,000 passwords, in addition to other confidential information.

In any case, the gesture shows that Facebook has returned to manage in a bad way the data of users. And this makes it even more evident that accessing this social network may not be entirely safe, as at the time it was not certain applications that filtered the data to Cambridge Analytica.


What data of users have been exposed?

According to the information published by Bloomberg, the information that has been exposed would be of a different nature. For example, it has been detected that among the data that has been in view of anyone we can find identification numbers, comments, reactions to publications, account names and even histories.

At the moment there is no data that can ensure that, in effect, passwords and users have also been filtered. Nor do they exist no information that disproves one hundred percent, so you have to be cautious. For its part, Facebook wanted to give some explanations about the event, although it is very possible that what they say does not convince everyone, because the truth is that no information is given as to why these data could be filtered .

In any case, Facebook has explained that its policies prohibit saving user information in a public database. They also have that after being alerted by the technicians who have discovered this leak, they went to work to stop it. They say that the first thing they did was contact Amazon to eliminate the leaked databases. At the same time, they have explained that they remain committed to the developers to continue protecting the data of the users of their social network. And that's all.

In fact it seems that the notices were given by email to Cultura Colectiva on January 10 of this same year. Amazon, on the other hand, he was aware of the incident on January 28. However, the data was not withdrawn until today April 3.

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