How to activate the dark mode of Facebook Messenger

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How to activate the dark mode of Facebook Messenger

There are already many Internet services that have the so-called 'dark mode', a layer that covers the screen black, but leaves the main functions and features on the air, so that the user can continue interacting normally, but in a way more comfortable for your sight.

Facebook announced this new functionality and the truth is that it has been slow to arrive, but it has arrived. Of course, the activation is not launched through the configuration menu, as is usual in most services. In this way, instead of activating it from that space, what you have to do is send an emoji. Both Android and iOS, you will have to carry out this action so that the dark mode comes into action. There is no other way to do it.

If you too you want to start using Facebook Messenger Through dark mode, we recommend you follow these steps.

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How to activate dark mode in Facebook Messenger step by step

The first thing you will have to do is open the Facebook Messenger application on your phone If you do not have it installed, you will have to take the step at this time. Here are the links to download the application for both iOS and Android. As soon as you have everything ready, do the following:

1. Start the application of Facebook Messenger on your phone

two. Send the emoji of the crescent moon ? to anyone. It does not matter who you send it to, but do it with a person you trust. If you do not usually talk to him, it probably seems a bit weird that you send him the emoji of a moon just like that.

3. Next, attentive. You will have to press on the emoji again and again, and what you will see will be a rain of moons. From there, the Facebook Messenger application will notify you of the discovery of the dark mode and, logically, you can activate it at the moment.

4. From there, the function will have been unlocked and you can enable dark mode by tapping the Activate button in the Settings section.

5. To get it, access this section by clicking on your user icon. You will see that the first function that appears as available is the activation of dark mode. Move the switch to activate. It is very possible that you miss a warning that this is a developing function and that it may not always work. You must have patience, because this is a beta phase and errors may occur.

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The dark mode: an advantage for your eyes

The dark mode is a very interesting function for the night or moments in which you are using the Facebook Messenger tool in twilight or with very little lighting. You will see that when you activate it, the entire application dyes black. The different sections will look in this key and so will the conversations.

Some icons, such as the different menu options that appear at the bottom of the conversations, they will look in strident colors, like blue or fuchsia. In this way it will be easier for you to see them. The text, in fact, will also appear framed in those tonalities, so it will be easy to appreciate the messages and the different elements that make up the frame of the conversation.

Of course, if you see that the dark mode does not convince you or want to use it only in a timely manner, you can access the Settings section again to deactivate it. In this way, you can return to the usual configuration and see the application in much whiter and softer colors. Remember, on the other hand, that in this testing phase errors can occur, so that the correct operation of the application is not completely assured.

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